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The Walkmen – Heaven (audio)

The Walkmen have new album coming out on June 5th called Heaven. I’ve been a fan since the beginning, and was lucky enough to catch them live in NYC in their early days (they’ve been around for a decade now!). The new single – “Heaven” – was just released yesterday (Monday, April 16, 2012). You […]


The Flaming Lips Feat. Bon Iver – “Ashes in the Air” (audio)

In support of Record Store Day, the Flaming Lips are getting ready to release The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends, an album of  collaborations with a bunch of different artists. They’ve released “Ashes in the Air”, a trippy walkabout with Bon Iver, in advance. Listen below. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. The Flaming Lips Feat. Bon […]


Jack White – Sixteen Saltines (audio)

Apparently this Jack White cat loves him the shit out of some saltines. I kid. If this single is a sign of things to come from White’s upcoming solo album Blunderbuss, it should be outstanding. The song has everything that makes a great Jack White song. These wickedly simple riffs, infused with authority, combined with vocal lines […]

April 01

Rick Ross – I Love My Bitches (audio)

I like Rick Ross. His voice, his flow, and his verses. “Tears of Joy” is one of my favorite hip hop tracks of all time. It’s currently close to the top of my iTunes most played list. So I’m always on the look out for another great Rick Ross track. I’ve only listened to this […]

March 30

Alabama Shakes – How Many More Times (audio)

I saw these guys get some press around SXSW this year. I hadn’t heard them until I came across this track on the Rolling Stone Web site. It’s a pretty solid cover of a Led Zeppelin classic. The band is from Athens, Alabama. Looks like they’re opening up for Jack White on a few dates […]


New Song From Bobby Womack – Please Forgive My Heart

Bobby Womack has been in the news recently. First I saw an announcement from Bootsy Collin’s Facebook page that Womack was in the hospital with pneumonia. Then I read that he had cancer. A terrible turn of events for a man who has had an outsized influence on modern music. Then this morning I came […]