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Bachmann: God wants smaller government, so he sent a hurricane and an earthquake

There are some truly crazy people out there. And one of them is running for President of the United States. The following words actually came out of Michelle Bachmann’s mouth, at a rally in a Shriner’s temple in Sarasota on a Sunday: I don’t know how much God has to do to get the attention […]

Republican presidential candidate… acknowledges climate change is real!

Believe it or not… Jon Hunstman, a declared candidate for the Republican nomination for president, and ex-ambassador under Obama, has admitted, on the record, that he believes the scientists when they say climate change is real and man-made. The nerve of this guy! Here’s the quote (from a Raw Story article): “If 90 percent of […]

It’s not that we’re overspending, it’s that we’re under taxing…

I was thinking about writing a post on this subject – federal taxes and Republican budget hypocrisy – but Tom Borroughs, a guest columnist on Annarbor.com, does a great job of covering it in his (lengthily titled) opinion piece ‘Revenue problem’ the cause of nation’s budget deficit, not over spending. Here’s a snippet from it […]

The Republican party hates women

It’s true. If you’re not a heterosexual white male over the age of 40, making at least $250,000 a year, the Republican party is actively working against your best interests. Here’s a case in point.  The “Save the Children’s 12th annual Mothers Index” was released on Tuesday, and it puts the United States at 31. […]

The Pot Entrepreneurs

The one thing you’d think Republicans would embrace about medical marijuana is the enormous opportunity for innovation in small business development. The opportunity to create jobs, generate revenue for beating down the budget deficits at the state and federal level, and similar items should make it a no brainer. But Republicans generally aren’t very logical […]