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November 25

Neil Young + The Promise Of The Real – L.A. (Live in L.A. in 2015)

“L.A.” is one of the great songs on the never-released-on-CD record Time Fades Away. It’s a dark, foreboding album of seriously rocking songs that Neil, for his own reasons, hasn’t seen fit to release on CD. Nor does he play most of these songs anymore. Until this tour with The Promise Of The Real, he hadn’t […]

November 12

Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Mideast Vacation (live in 1986)

This Neil Young & Crazy Horse clip is from a 1986 concert at Cow Palace in San Francisco, CA. “Mideast Vacation” is the song. Neil does the craziest, jerkiest guitar freak out I’ve ever seen him do. It’s almost scary to watch. But fascinating. “Mideast Vacation” is from the album Life. It’s a great Neil tune that fell […]

July 31

Neil Young & R.E.M. – Ambulance Blues (Live at the Bridge Benefit in 1998)

A while back, we posted an audio version of this performance. At that time, it was all I could find. Now the folks at Music Vault have uploaded some crisp, clean video as well. Peter Buck is all like “I can’t believe I’m backing Neil on ‘Ambulance Blues’!” Neil’s playing banjo, and some guy is playing vibes, […]

July 15

Neil Young – From Hank To Hendrix (Acoustic at the Bridge School Benefit in 1998)

I had a chance to see Neil Young last night at DTE Energy Music Theater – the venue formerly known as Pine Knob. Still known as Pine Knob to long time patrons like myself – and Neil, who gave it a shout out at the end of the night. It was an outstanding show. Neil […]

July 11

Neil Young + The Promise Of The Real – Down By The River (Live in 2015)

Neil Young and The Promise Of The Real kicked off their Rebel Content Tour earlier this month, and Milwaukee Live captured a few songs from their Milwaukee stop. “Down By The River” was one of them. Neil is killing it, and having a lot of fun with the much younger members of The Promise Of […]

May 20

Bob Weir & Jerry Garcia – Throwing Stones (Live at the Bridge School Benefit in 1988)

One of the things I’ve always loved about “Throwing Stones” is the sort of “view from space” approach it takes lyrically. A view of us – the human race – from on high. “A peaceful place or so it looks from space / A closer look reveals the human race / Full of hope full of grace […]

May 15

Neil Young – Freedom (Live and Acoustic in 1989)

Here’s a special post for a Friday night. This is a 30-ish minute long video of Neil Young playing acoustic in two different settings. You can tell by the changes in outfits. At first he’s wearing the same hat he has on the cover of Freedom. It was released on video cassette around the same […]