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Photo Slideshow: Hash Bash 2012

My first selection of photos from Hash Bash 2012. The weather was perfect! Will upload more today as time permits. Update, 5:41 PM: I’ve uploaded 20 more photos. That’s a total of 50 photos from Hash Bash 2012. It was a gorgeous day, and the turnout reflected that. Advertisements

Ypsilanti licenses its first medical marijuana dispensary

It’s the feel good medical marijuana story of the week. Over at AnnArbor.com, they’ve got a story on the first medical marijuana dispensary to get licensed by the City of Ypsilanti. The place is called the 3rd Coast Compassion Center. Here’s a great quote from one of the owners, Jamie Lowell: “If a municipality chooses to use […]

Delaware: the 16th state to legalize medical marijuana

Earlier this month, on Friday, May 13, Delaware Governor Jack Markell signed medical marijuana legislation into law. Making Delaware the 16th state to pass some sort of medical marijuana legislation. According to this Delaware Online article: Qualified patients who get a doctor’s recommendation and a state-issued identification card will be able to purchase up to […]

Mother Jones Explores The Medical Marijuana Market in California

This Mother Jones article – Weedmart: Marijuana Superstores. IPOs. Reality TV.–  is fascinating. There were a whole bunch of things I wanted to highlight about it as I read it, but here was the first one: The NorCal farmers fear that legalization would enable their urban competitors to move out of garages and closets and […]

The Pot Entrepreneurs

The one thing you’d think Republicans would embrace about medical marijuana is the enormous opportunity for innovation in small business development. The opportunity to create jobs, generate revenue for beating down the budget deficits at the state and federal level, and similar items should make it a no brainer. But Republicans generally aren’t very logical […]

Medical Marijuana Could Be An $8.9 Billion Dollar Industry in 2016

That’s what a new report from See Change Strategy says, anyway. This McClatchy article does a good job of painting a picture of the current reality in the market, as well as suggesting where the future might take it. I can see it happening. I like this bit in particular: Just last week, a San Francisco-based […]

Hash Bash Photo Slideshow – April 2, 2011

This was only my second Hash Bash in more than fifteen years. So I can’t claim to be an expert on what it used to be like, or was envisioned to be like, or even what made this one different, special, or weird. I will say that it was fun walking around and checking people […]