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September 03

Muddy Waters – Mannish Boy (Live in 1971)

Muddy Waters first recorded “Mannish Boy” in 1955. He recorded it again in 1968 and 1977. Since its first release, it has become a legendary blues song. Everyone should recognize that unstoppable blues riff. It’s been borrowed and stolen in other songs, ads, and more since Waters first wrote it, so it seems almost universal. This is […]

July 19

James Taylor – Steamroller (Live on the BBC in 1971)

This was probably my favorite James Taylor song when I was a kid. When I first heard it, I was surprised that the “Fire & Rain” guy could be so bluesy, so funky. My parents recently renovated what was my bedroom back then, and during the process turned up a few James Taylor CDs. Which, […]

December 18

Rolling Stones – Dead Flowers (Live at the Marque Club in 1971)

The Rolling Stones did a private show at The Marque Club in March of 1971. This was about a month before Sticky Fingers was released. Sticky Fingers was the first Rolling Stones record with Mick Taylor as a full fledged member of the band, and he’s featured prominently in “Dead Flowers”. Great backing vocals by […]

October 01

T. Rex – Jeepster (Live at Wembley in 1972)

A friend reminded me that it was Marc Bolan’s birthday yesterday (Sept 30th). He’d be 67 now, if he hadn’t died in that car crash back in 1977. A tragic loss. I found this great live clip of T. Rex performing “Jeepster” at Wembley Stadium in 1972. “Jeepster” is from their brilliant 1971 record Electric Warrior. It was […]

April 22

James Gang – Walk Away

“Walk Away” is one of those James Gang songs that everyone knows, but they don’t know it’s a James Gang song. Most people don’t even know who the James Gang is. Who are they, you ask? The early 70s rock trio from which the rock and roll all star Joe Walsh emerged. This video for […]

February 21

John Lennon – Jealous Guy (music video)

He’s just a jealous guy. From his 1971 record, Imagine. Co-produced by Phil Spector.

January 04

Phish – Light Up Or Leave Me Alone (live in 2010)

Phish covering “Light Up Or Leave Me Alone”, from Traffic’s 1971 album The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys.