January 10

Aretha Franklin – I Never Loved A Man (Live in Amsterdam in 1968)

“I Never Loved A Man (The Way That I Loved You)” is from the Aretha Franklin album of the same name. Written by Ronnie Shannon, it’s one of the most recognizable Aretha Franklin tunes. Here she is doing it in Amsterdam in 1968, with an enormous backing band, including three back up singers. A stunning performance. Advertisements

December 26

Wilco – War On War (Live On Jools Holland in 2002)

This is a rare sight – Wilco as a four piece. Jeff Tweedy, Jon Stirrat, Glenn Kotche, and Leroy Bach. This was not long after a huge upheaval in the band’s line up. Ken Coomer, the original drummer, was replaced by Kotche, and multi instrumentalist and Tweedy sidekick Jay Bennet was out, too. Leroy Bach […]

December 20

The Kinks – Village Green Preservation Society (Live in 1973)

“Village Green Preservation Society” is the title track of The Kinks’ 1968 album The Kinds and The Village Green Preservation Society. Here they are performing it in 1973, with a horn section. Just the other day, Ray and Dave Davies shared the stage together for the first time in something like 20 years. Here’s hoping they […]

December 19

Drive-By Truckers – Used To Be A Cop (music video)

Drive-By Truckers are a band that has mastered the story song. “Used To Be A Cop”, from their 2011 album Go-Go Boots, is one of those story songs. The title says it all.

December 18

Bob Dylan – You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere (Live in 1997)

“You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere” is a bouncy, hootenanny, sing along kind of song from The Basement Tapes album. All sorts of people have covered it – Glen Hansard, The Byrds, Counting Crows and more. Dylan sounds great here, with a full band backing him, including a few back up singers. I love it. You will, too.

December 15

Grateful Dead – Ship Of Fools (Live at Red Rocks in 1987)

One of the great things you can find on YouTube are clips of the Grateful Dead that combine amateur audience video with soundboard quality audio. Like this one, for example. The audio on this 1987 “Ship Of Fools” is soundboard, so it’s outstanding. But the video quality leaves something to be desired. In all fairness, it’s […]

December 14

Tame Impala – Mind Mischief (Live at the Lowlands in 2015)

“Mind Mischief” was the first song on my Spotify Discover Weekly playlist today. It’s by Tame Impala, and they’re a psychedelic rock outfit from Australia. “Mind Mischief” is from their critically acclaimed 2012 album Lonerism. It was the third single on the album, released in January 2013. This version is from the 2015 Lowlands festival […]