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April 15

Grateful Dead – When Push Comes To Shove (Live in 1987)

“When Push Comes To Shove” was a frequent first set staple in the late 80s for the Grateful Dead. Fans of In The Dark will know this song well. It’s got some bounce to it. Advertisements

February 08

Grateful Dead – Desolation Row (Live in 1990)

Check out this “Desolation Row” from Spring 1990. It’s a cover of one of my favorite Dylan tunes, and the band is in fine form. Bobby is fantastic on vocals. There are a lot of long verses to memorize!

December 15

Grateful Dead – Ship Of Fools (Live at Red Rocks in 1987)

One of the great things you can find on YouTube are clips of the Grateful Dead that combine amateur audience video with soundboard quality audio. Like this one, for example. The audio on this 1987 “Ship Of Fools” is soundboard, so it’s outstanding. But the video quality leaves something to be desired. In all fairness, it’s […]

December 07

Grateful Dead – Visions of Johanna (Live in 1986 and 1995)

I was reading this article at Salon today called “The tour from hell”. It’s about the last Grateful Dead tour, and it’s made up of quotes from a new oral biography of the Grateful Dead. One of the quotes that popped out at me was this one from Phil Lesh, the band’s legendary bass player: […]

November 28

Dead & Company – Dear Prudence (Live in 2015)

We posted a clip of the Jerry Garcia Band doing “Dear Prudence” the other day. The Grateful Dead never played it, but Dead & Company have added it to their catalog of songs, playing it in both Minneapolis and Worcester on this tour. This clip is from the Minneapolis show at the Target Center, and it’s […]

November 24

Jerry Garcia Band – Dear Prudence (Live in 1980)

Ever since Music Vault decided to start posting its videos, YouTube has become a treasure trove of Jerry Garcia Band clips. Here’s Jerry doing The Beatles’ “Dear Prudence”. It’s the band’s most frequently played Beatles cover, played close to 200 times over the years. The Grateful Dead never played it, except once as a jam, […]

November 23

Dead & Company – Stella Blue (Live in 2015)

The tour is about half way done now, and the verdict is in: John Mayer is killing it. He’s steeped in the canon, his technical skills are outstanding, and he brings enormous passion to the endeavor. Here’s a case in point, from the first night of the tour – so the first time they played […]