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May 11

De La Soul Feat. Nas – God It (audio)

Have you heard the new De La Soul single? It’s called “God It”, and features Nas. The beat is big, round, and feels horn driven. Produced by G_Force, they’re giving it away for free on the De La Soul website. It’s not going to be on the new Kickstarter funded album –¬†And the Anonymous Nobody […]

March 29

Parliament – Wizard Of Finance (audio)

Parliament has all the best love songs. They cornered that market long ago, and no one has topped them since. “Wizard Of Finance” is a perfect example. It’s funky as all get out – Bootsy with the space bass – with lyrics full of the fun and ludicrous metaphors George Clinton and company were known […]

March 24

Steely Dan – Black Cow Demos 1 and 2 (audio)

“Black Cow” is the first track off Steely Dan’s Aja, one of the greatest albums¬†ever made. But it started out as an idea back when the band was recording Katy Lied. Donald Fagen recorded a couple of demo versions during those sessions. It’s mostly just him on piano with the vocals. I think there’s someone […]

February 18

Phish – Terrapin Station (live in 1998)

We sent in for all three days. Haven’t been pink slipped yet, but many of my friends have. I’m optimistic. In the meantime, here’s Phish covering the Grateful Dead. It’s just the audio, but still… Advertisements

February 20

James Booker – Gonzo (audio)

8 years ago today, at 5:42 PM CST in his Owl Farm home, Hunter S. Thompson killed himself. It was a self inflicted gunshot to the head while sitting in front of his typewriter. He was on the phone with his wife, and his son, daughter-in-law, and grandson were visiting. Thompson had been suffering chronic […]


Hand Selected MP3s From Artists Playing at Summer Camp!

Over at Glorious Noise, we’ve published a Summer Camp Music Festival MP3 sampler, all courtesy of the Live Music Archive and bands with liberal taping policies. We’ve included 13 – a baker’s dozen – MP3s from bands including moe., Umphrey’s McGee, Michael Franti and Spearhead, Lotus, and more. Check it out! And if you’re not […]


The Walkmen – Heaven (audio)

The Walkmen have new album coming out on June 5th called Heaven. I’ve been a fan since the beginning, and was lucky enough to catch them live in NYC in their early days (they’ve been around for a decade now!). The new single – “Heaven” – was just released yesterday (Monday, April 16, 2012). You […]