Dead & Company – Eyes Of The World (Live at MSG in 2015)

The open question going into these first few Dead & Company shows was how John Mayer would fit into the mix. The answer turns out to be “pretty well.” He’s a remarkable guitar player, and brings an energy to the songs that’s infectious. Bobby, Mickey, and Bill are having a great time. You could see it on their faces and in Bobby’s body language throughout the night. But what’s unique about this particular track, and the reason I’ve chosen it, is that Oteil Burbridge does an incredible bass solo – not something you generally see in a Grateful Dead band. But it’s epic. At the time I couldn’t help thinking it was the greatest bass solo I’ve ever heard. But I could be biased because I and the people around me were having such a great time. Watch this video of “Eyes Of The World” and see what you think. One side note – the bass was higher in the mix at the show than in this video.