Monthly Archives: November 2015

November 29

Paul McCartney and Eric Clapton – Something (Live at the Concert for George in 2002)

The Concert For George was a star studded tribute to one of the most influential songwriters and guitarists in rock and roll history. George Harrison died on November 29, 2001, and The Concert For George was on that day a year later, in 2002. “Something” is one of the brilliant songs they performed, with an all […]

November 28

Dead & Company – Dear Prudence (Live in 2015)

We posted a clip of the Jerry Garcia Band doing “Dear Prudence” the other day. The Grateful Dead never played it, but Dead & Company have added it to their catalog of songs, playing it in both Minneapolis and Worcester on this tour. This clip is from the Minneapolis show at the Target Center, and it’s […]

November 25

Neil Young + The Promise Of The Real – L.A. (Live in L.A. in 2015)

“L.A.” is one of the great songs on the never-released-on-CD record Time Fades Away. It’s a dark, foreboding album of seriously rocking songs that Neil, for his own reasons, hasn’t seen fit to release on CD. Nor does he play most of these songs anymore. Until this tour with The Promise Of The Real, he hadn’t […]

November 24

Jerry Garcia Band – Dear Prudence (Live in 1980)

Ever since Music Vault decided to start posting its videos, YouTube has become a treasure trove of Jerry Garcia Band clips. Here’s Jerry doing The Beatles’ “Dear Prudence”. It’s the band’s most frequently played Beatles cover, played close to 200 times over the years. The Grateful Dead never played it, except once as a jam, […]

November 23

Dead & Company – Stella Blue (Live in 2015)

The tour is about half way done now, and the verdict is in: John Mayer is killing it. He’s steeped in the canon, his technical skills are outstanding, and he brings enormous passion to the endeavor. Here’s a case in point, from the first night of the tour – so the first time they played […]

November 20

Grateful Dead – Estimated Prophet (Live in 2015)

Today is the official release date for all the Fare Thee Well recordings – a box set of the whole thing, complete with video, a Best Of, and the concert on the 5th. I’ve been listening to the July 5th date on Spotify, and it’s outstanding. This “Estimated Prophet” is from the 5th, and it is […]

November 19

Israel Nash – LA Lately (Live at Pickathon in 2015)

Israel Nash is based out of Dripping Springs, TX, via NYC and Missouri before that. I came across him in MOJO Magazine, which had a brief review of his new record, Israel Nash’s Silver Season. It’s full of pedal steel guitar, which gives it a fully Texas feel, but a psychedelic and spacey Texas feel. The […]