Wilco – A Shot In The Arm (Live and acoustic on KEXP in 2015)

Listening to “A Shot In The Arm” brings me right back to 1999 and the release of Wilco’s Summerteeth. I was living in Brooklyn, working in midtown, and I vividly remember walking to the Virgin Megastore in Times Square at lunch to get my copy. It was a hike, and it was March, but I wanted a copy of Summerteeth on the day it was released. Like so many Wilco fans, I was anxious to hear their new direction. And what a record it was! It still stands as one of my favorite records of all time. “A Shot In The Arm” is one of the great, if not the greatest, song on the record.

Here’s the band playing a mostly acoustic version this year at a KEXP show at Columbia City Theater. They’ve got a banjo and a national steel guitar in this version, and the lyrics shine through in this understated delivery.