Greensky Bluegrass – Atlantic City (Live in 2014)

One of the things I love about Greensky Bluegrass is their repertoire of covers. As a child of the 80s, they speak to me. They cover great 80s bands like the Talking Heads and Journey (that’s right – I think Journey is a great band), and they’ll dip into the 70s, too, with covers of Bill Withers, Bob Marley and the like. Here they are doing one of Bruce Springsteen’s greatest songs – “Atlantic City”. They’ve drawn flavor from Bruce’s version as well as the brilliant cover by The Band. How could they not, when their band centers around a mandolin player? As usual with Greensky, the musical interplay is what you want to keep your eye (ear) on. They’re a great band to see live. We’re looking forward to seeing them at Hoxeyville Music Festival this weekend!