Gary Numan – Cars (music video)

When I first thought about posting this song, I had to think for a minute – “Wait a minute, this isn’t that British pedophile, is it?” Nope. Turns out that’s Garry Glitter. And he’s in prison. Gary Numan, on the other hand, is a pioneering new wave / electronic musician from the 70s, whose influence is bigger than his popularity. There are some videos of him on YouTube performing “Cars” with Nine Inch Nails. We’re going to stick with the original video, though. It’s so awesome.

Truth be told, I’ve been thinking about posting this video for a while now, but just never got to it. Then a good buddy of mine was like, “dude, you should post some Gary fucking Numan.” So clearly, I’m supposed to post this. For your enjoyment.