Grateful Dead – Black Muddy River (Live at Soldier Field in 1995)

Twenty years ago today, the Grateful Dead played their last show with the band’s founder and shining light, Jerry Garcia. The show was at Soldier Field, a place the Dead had been playing regularly in the 90s. Just last week, The Grateful Dead regrouped, with Trey Anastasio sitting in for Jerry, to celebrate 50 years as a band. They closed things out with a three day run at Soldier Field, setting an attendance record for the venue each night. It was an epic weekend – but that’s a story for another time.

For now, let’s celebrate Jerry Garcia and his legacy. Here’s an incredibly moving “Black Muddy River” from the last show Jerry ever played. The video is audience, but the audio is soundboard. The song starts about a minute into the video (which is when the soundboard audio kicks in).