U2 – Stuck In A Moment (Live on Letterman in 2001)

“Stuck In A Moment” and the album it came from – All That You Can’t Leave Behind – occupy a special place in my memory banks. Back in late December 2000, I was scheduled to fly back home to Michigan from my then home, New York City. Instead, New York, Michigan, and every state in between got pounded by a huge snow storm, and most (all?) flights were grounded, including mine. I desperately wanted to get home and visit the family. So after I couldn’t book a flight, I decided to rent a car.  After a handful of phone calls, I got a car. A couple who was on the same flight heard me on the phone, and asked if I’d like to split the car with them. They were musicians heading home to Indiana. One wrote music for films, the other did music production for re-releases of old films on DVD.

After some more Planes, Trains, and Automobile type adventures, we were in the car and on our way home in a massive snow storm. On the way, I did something I’d never done before, and haven’t done since. I stopped at Walmart. I bought a CD for the car – All That You Can’t Leave Behind. “Stuck In A Moment” stuck with me.

Here’s U2 playing “Stuck In A Moment” in October 2001 on the Late Show With David Letterman.