Monthly Archives: July 2015

July 31

Neil Young & R.E.M. – Ambulance Blues (Live at the Bridge Benefit in 1998)

A while back, we posted an audio version of this performance. At that time, it was all I could find. Now the folks at Music Vault have uploaded some crisp, clean video as well. Peter Buck is all like “I can’t believe I’m backing Neil on ‘Ambulance Blues’!” Neil’s playing banjo, and some guy is playing vibes, […]

July 29

Stevie Wonder – Superstition (Live on Sesame Street)

This is a pretty incredible clip. Stevie Wonder with a full band  – horn section included – doing “Superstition” live on Sesame Street. And it’s not a short made for TV kind of version. It’s almost seven minutes long, with an extended jam at the end. Unfortunately, there aren’t any muppets in the video, but […]

July 28

The Faces – Maybe I’m Amazed (Live in 1972)

The Faces were a supergroup of sorts. The remaining members of The Small Faces and a couple of refuges from the Jeff Beck Group – Rod Stewart and Ron Wood – formed the band in 1969. We posted them doing “Stay With Me” a while back. In this clip, the band covers Paul McCartney’s “Maybe […]

July 27

Crosby & Nash – Guinnevere (Live in 1970)

“Guinnevere… had green eyes. Like yours, m’lady, like yours” Such an amazing song, with so many beautiful lines, melodies, and harmonies. This is a stripped down version – “just” Nash and Crosby on vocals, accompanied by two understated guitars. This is from a BBC show they did in 1970. This could have been one of […]

July 26

Bruce Springsteen – Thunder Road (Live in 1978)

“Thunder Road”. One of the greatest rock and roll songs ever recorded, from one of the greatest rock and roll records ever released – Born To Run. Bruce’s story telling shines in “Thunder Road”, and this performance from 1978 is rock and roll heaven. Lines like this are unmatched anywhere else in rock and roll: […]

July 25

Grateful Dead – Man Smart, Woman Smarter (Live in 1989)

This is a pretty spectacular version of “Man Smart, Woman Smarter”. The band is having a grand ole time. Brent Mydland, the Dead’s greatest keyboard player, takes a verse – an unusual occurrence on this song. Bob Weir usually takes all the verses. And Brent’s verse is awesome! He puts so much passion into it. […]

July 23

Sister Rosetta Tharpe – This Train (Live in 1964)

Sister Rosetta Tharpe is a name all fans of rock and roll should know. Tharpe was a gospel singer and guitar player who came to popularity in the 40s with her mix of gospel and the blues. She played a proto-rock and roll style of music. She is the godmother of rock and roll. Her guitar playing is […]