Monthly Archives: June 2015

June 30

Grateful Dead – Row Jimmy (Live in 1977)

“Row Jimmy” is one of those understated Dead tunes where the rhythm sneaks up on you. It’s unassuming, but before you know it, you’re grooving along to the beat. It’s sort of reggae-ish, but it’s fully Dead. Bill Kreutzmann named it as one of his favorite Jerry tunes in his new biography, Deal. In this great clip from […]

June 30

B.B. King – Back In L.A. (Live on Letterman in 1992)

“Hollywood and Vine to the Sunset Strip / There’s so much going on, you can lose your grip” “Back In L.A.” is from B.B. King’s 1991 album There Is Always One More Time. It’s one of the funkiest B.B. King songs I’ve ever heard. I blame the bass line.  Here he is performing “Back In L.A.”, […]

June 29

Muddy Waters – Got My Mojo Working (Live in 1966)

“Got My Mojo Working” was written by Preston Foster. Muddy Waters first heard Ann Cole’s version in 1956, and the song quickly became part of Waters’ regular show. This is a high quality clip – audio and video – of Muddy Waters and band playing “Got My Mojo Working” in 1966. That’s Little Walter on […]

June 29

Lou Reed and David Bowie – Dirty Blvd. (Live in 1997)

This performance of “Dirty Blvd.” was recorded at David Bowie’s 50th birthday celebration at Madison Square Gardens in 1997. Lou Reed came out on stage for a few songs – including “Dirty Blvd.” and “Queen Bitch”, Bowie’s tribute to Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground. “Dirty Blvd.” is from Lou Reed’s 1989 record New York.

June 28

Bob Dylan & The Grateful Dead – Slow Train (Live in 1987)

Slow Train Coming has been one of my favorite Dylan albums since the first time I heard it. Recorded at Muscle Shoals and produced by Jerry Wexler, it’s got a swampy R&B sound to it. Mark Knopfler plays guitar. It’s the only album from his evangelical Christian era that excites me. It’s got “Gotta Serve […]

June 27

Lou Reed – What’s Good (Live on Letterman in 1992)

In my ongoing hunt for the best musical guests from Late Night With David Letterman, I’ve found that all the clips that are available are digitized from video recorded at the time the show originally aired. So to get access to these clips, it requires someone being obsessed enough to record it on a VCR […]

June 26

Bruce Springsteen – Glory Days (Live on Letterman in 1993)

It’s been a big week. The Supremes upheld the Affordable Care Act, and legalized gay marriage. A good week for America; a good week for Americans. So we’re going to celebrate by posting the last musical guest ever on Late Night With David Letterman on NBC: Bruce Springsteen performing “Glory Days” with the Late Night […]