Bowie, Hunter, Ronson and Queen – All The Young Dudes / Heroes (Live in 1992)

This is pretty spectacular. It’s from a 1992 tribute to Freddie Mercury. The band is built around the remaining members of Queen, with Bowie taking on the emcee role, plus vocals and some saxophone. Ian Hunter – the frontman for Mott The Hoople – comes out for “All The Young Dudes”. Mick Ronson is out for both songs. Ronson has the greatest rock face of any guitarist in the history of rock. It’s pretty much constant. It doesn’t just come out when he’s ripping wicked solos.

Bowie wrote, produced, and played on the original “All The Young Dudes”, so he reprises his roles on that song – background vocals and saxophone. It’s a pretty solid version of the song.

Then Hunter departs, and they break into Heroes. Ronson gets some serious sustain going, which he seems to do with some sort of sustain enhancing device. And, of course, rock face. Enjoy.