The Kinks – Lola (Live in 1970)

[Ed Note: Every Tuesday, we post two songs by the same artist. To apply some kind of order to the process, we decided to move through the alphabet in reverse order, starting with Z. This week we’re at K. And K is for Kinks.]

30 or so years later, I can say with confidence that WLAV shaped my musical tastes and informed how they evolved as an adult. WLAV is a station in Grand Rapids, MI, and when I was a kid, it was a mix of classic rock and good new rock – mainstream mostly, but sometimes indie, too. Sometimes. It was on WLAV that I first heard “Lola” as a kid. And a bunch of other songs by The Kinks, too. Before I even understood the topic of the song, I loved the song about that lady Lola. Still do. Understanding the story just makes it more interesting.