Killer Mike – Ric Flair (music video)

“Ric Flair” is an older Killer Mike track, but this amazing video just got uploaded on April 20th, 2015. I read that it’s a new video, and Mike uploaded it to celebrate his birthday. If that’s true, nice birthday present. It’s been getting a lot of play on this computer. If you don’t know who he was, Ric Flair was a popular professional wrestler, and he is a character. There are short Ric Flair quotes that pop up throughout the song, and they give the song a large part of its swagger.

For example, the song starts with this quote from Ric Flair playing over the horn heavy beat:

“I’m going on tour, and I’m gonna show anybody out there that thinks for one second that maybe I’m second guessing myself, that I am the greatest of all time forever and ever. One surprise, one surprise … shhhh! Wooo! I’m back.”

Then Killer Mike jumps in, and shows why he’s one the greatest rappers out there, even before hooking up with EL-P:

To make it out the ice cold streets of the city / You better have a Christopher word game, witty / You better have a dance game similar to Diddy / Or play b-ball above the rim like Smitty / Josh, Chris Bosh, Pau Gasol

The song and the video are full of stuff like that. I highly recommend it. Produced by Sweatbox Productions (now SweatBeatz). Give it a watch.