Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight (Live at Knebworth in 1990)

Knebworth is a village in England. Since the 70s, there has been the yearly Knebworth festival just outside of Knebworth. The capacity is huge – 120,000+. This particular clip comes from a 1990 Silver Clef Award Winners event at Knebworth. Not only Phil Collins, but Paul McCartney, Genesis, Pink Floyd and others were honored.

Collins leads his set off with this heavy version of “In The Air Tonight”. Phil saunters on to stage with a microphone attached to his head, sports announcer style, and sits down at the end of the stage for the beginning of the song. As it picks up, he moves behind his drum kit, and starts banging away with his (and Genesis’) tour drummer Chester Thompson. It really starts rocking then. The guitar player and bass player build up this riff through the second part of the song, and with Thompson and Collins banging away on the drums, it’s pretty epic. With great synth back up vocals. Not to miss!