Wilco – At Least That’s What You Said (Live in Barcelona in 2012)

Not a lot of Wilco fans love their 2004 album A Ghost Is Born. It’s an album that was released at an awkward stage in the band’s evolution, and the one where Jeff Tweedy does the most lead guitar work. On previous and later albums, there was someone else to play that role – Jay Bennett previously, Nels Cline going forward.  Myself, I love the record. I associate it with a time and place (Chicago) that was significant to me when the album came out. “At Least That’s What You Said” is the opening track, and it’s a contender for “best Wilco song” in my book. It’s noise rock at its best and most melodic. It’s got that loud/soft thing going for it, and the loud parts are really explosive and noisy, with some very vulnerable soft moments, too. The lyrics… well, listen for yourself.