Tracy Chapman – Give Me One Reason (Live on SNL in 1989)

The first album I bought at Vinyl Solution was Tracy Chapman’s self titled debut. It was the original location on Division (it was Division, right?). I remember when I walked up to the counter with the vinyl, the clerk said “I think I just put out a used copy. Let’s go check.” Sure enough, there was a used copy, and I saved a few bucks. I became a lifelong customer at that moment.

“Give Me One Reason” was written around the same time as many of the tracks on Tracy Chapman, but it wasn’t released until 1995’s New Beginnings. But here she is doing it live for the world on Saturday Night Live in 1989. Back when G.E. Smith ran the SNL band. Good times.

[Ed Note: They took down the SNL version, so I’m posting one from the Grammy’s. It’s quite a few years later, but what can we do?]