The Clash – Magnificent Seven (Live on Tom Snyder in 1981)

“Magnificent Seven” was the third single from The Clash’s 1980 album Sandinista!, a sprawling 3 record set that dominated that year’s “best of” lists. The Village Voice’s Pazz and Jop critic poll voted it the album of the year. While they were in New York for some dates at Bond’s Casino, The Clash made an appearance on The Tomorrow Show With Tom Snyder. They played “Magnificent Seven” and “This Is Radio Clash”.

Here they are playing “Magnificent Seven”. What I love about this video is that you can see the PLAY read out from the VHS player at the beginning of the clip, and the visual noise at the bottom of the screen reminds me of what happened to VHS tapes the more and more play they got. It reminds of childhood… But rather than this tape ending up in a mildewed box in somebody’s basement, someone took the time to digitize this little piece of awesome, and upload it to YouTube for all of us to enjoy, at our convenience. All hail the YouTubes!