U2 – Bad (Live at Live Aid in 1985)

The clip starts with Bono introducing the band – “We’re an Irish band, we come from Dublin City, Ireland.” Not quite the international superstars they would become just a few years later.

It’s a great rendition of “Bad”, extending past the 11 minute mark. Why so long? A little over half way through the clip, Bono tries to get a woman from the front of the audience to come on stage and dance with him. The “Bad” riff plays in the background for a few minutes while he tries to make this happen. There must be three levels between the stage and the ground floor. The U2 handlers don’t seem too happy about the whole process, but Bono manages to get three female fans up on stage.

Bono is also wearing leather pants here, and he provides more support for my theory that men never look good in leather pants. Leave it the ladies, guys!

Song references flow in and out of the performance. First “SatelliteĀ of Love” by Lou Reed. Then “Ruby Tuesday” by the Rolling Stones. “Sympathy For The Devil” next. Then Bono brings it back to Lou Reed with “Walk On The Wild Side” in the outro. “Holly came from Miami, F-L-A…”