Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Don’t Cry No Tears (Live in 2001)

Neil just looks fantastic here. He and Crazy Horse rock this classic track from 1975’s Zuma, which was their second record together (after the brilliant Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere).

The video is from Farm Aid that year – which must have been post 9/11, as Neil makes a direct reference to it. Willie Nelson does the introduction, calling Neil “a real good friend of mine” and “the best friend the farmer ever had”. Then he and the horse proceed to dazzle the crowd with a heavy, rocking “Don’t Cry No Tears”.

Neil says some good stuff after the end of the song about the plight of the family farmer in the United States, which is still very real. Federal and state governments could be doing more about it. They just passed a new farm bill in Congress. I wonder if it’s better, worse, or about the same, in terms of its impact on family farmers in the United States? As opposed to industrial agribusiness, which is the greatest benefactor of federal farm policy.