Eric Burdon – One More Cup Of Coffee (Live 1976)

I saw another study saying coffee wasn’t bad for you the other day. Lately, I’m seeing a lot of similar studies, many that show coffee is actually good for you – it helps battle depression in women, reduces men’s chances of getting prostate cancer, and more.

This, of course, brought Dylan’s “One More Cup of Coffee” to mind, which I started humming to myself after getting a refill of my favorite beverage at the company coffee bar (It’s free! And I can drink as much as I want! No matter what you say!). When I got back to my desk, I did a quick search on the YouTubes. A couple of Dylan versions came up, a few other cover versions, too. But my attention was quickly drawn to this version by Eric Burdon and his band, at Rockpalast in Germany, 1976:

First, I love the electric piano in this song. If there is going to be a piano player in a rock n’ roll band, I want him (or her) to play the electric piano. It has so much depth and richness to its sound, no matter what style of rock n’ roll is being played, it can fit. Mike Carr, the keyboard player in Burdon’s band, is a great player – check out the solo he starts around 3:25 in.

Second, the guitar player, Robert Ahwai, is a guitar nerd’s guitar player. Great solo work from him as well. Plus, he’s got cool sunglasses.

And of course, there’s the man who put the band together, the man who selected the track to cover, the man who interpreted the vocals on this one – Eric Burdon –  who belted out the lyrics the way they were begging to belted.

A masterful interpretation of one of the greatest Dylan compositions, about one of the healthiest, most delicious beverages known to man. What a find. Today was a good day.