Monthly Archives: March 2012

Dr. John – Such A Night (video)

Great clip of Dr. John at Abbey Road studios, recording a version of Such A Night. It’s just him on the piano. The commentary from the doctor at the beginning is worth the price of admission. A sample: … and it might be something interesting. Because that’s what you do in the studio. We in […]

Hand Selected Warren Zevon MP3s at Glorious Noise

We posted a new Five From the Archive installment over at Glorious Noise this week. Our third focusing on Warren Zevon. Previously, we covered 1978 and 2000. This time, 1976. This is the first year documented in the Live Music Archive for Warren Zevon. This installment includes “Carmelita”, “Werewolves of London”, “Sleep When I’m Dead”, […]

March 31

Stalley feat. Rick Ross – Party Heart (music video)

Music gets into his party heart. The highly anticipated new mixtape from Stalley is out. Savage Journey To The American Dream. This track has a verse from Rick Ross, and he  appears in the video, too. Stalley is signed to Maybach Music Group. He has tremendous potential, and I think MMG is probably a place […]

March 30

Alabama Shakes – How Many More Times (audio)

I saw these guys get some press around SXSW this year. I hadn’t heard them until I came across this track on the Rolling Stone Web site. It’s a pretty solid cover of a Led Zeppelin classic. The band is from Athens, Alabama. Looks like they’re opening up for Jack White on a few dates […]

New Song From Bobby Womack – Please Forgive My Heart

Bobby Womack has been in the news recently. First I saw an announcement from Bootsy Collin’s Facebook page that Womack was in the hospital with pneumonia. Then I read that he had cancer. A terrible turn of events for a man who has had an outsized influence on modern music. Then this morning I came […]

March 29

David Bowie – Young Americans (Live on Dick Cavett in 1974)

David Bowie playing Young Americans on The Dick Cavett Show in 1974. Look at that suit! Great performance. Two guitar players, a piano player, a bass player, a saxophone player, a conga player, a drummer, and six back up singers.

March 28

Run-D.M.C. – It’s Tricky (video)

“This speech is my recital / I think it’s very vital / To rock (a rhyme), that’s right (on time)  / ‘It’s Tricky’ is the title!” Remember this? A little Run DMC to keep your afternoon going. With Penn & Teller. From 25 years ago. Yes, you are old.