John Lennon – Instant Karma (two videos!)

“We all shine on.”

Instant Karma is such a great song. So great that I’ve felt compelled to highlight a cover of it by Phish here before. Here’s the original. [At least, I think it is. It matches the recording I have, so makes me wonder if they filmed the recording? No idea.]

Also note that there are two bass players. No guitar!

Here’s another version, from the Live in NYC record, in which they play as The Plastic Ono Elephant’s Memory Band:

Elephant’s Memory was an NYC band. They backed John and Yoko on a few albums, plus a few live dates, including the one documented here. I love the sax solo, and the audience participation. Interesting factoid about the concert, from Wikipedia:

The concerts documented on Live in New York City were Lennon’s only rehearsed and full-length live performances in his solo career, and his first – and last – formal, full-fledged live concerts since the Beatles retired from the road in 1966. Lennon never mounted a tour during his post-Beatles career. The concerts also marked the last time he performed live with Ono, as also with Elephant’s Memory.