Turntable.fm could change everything

I’ll write more about this later, but suffice to say, this could be a game changer. Case in point: Today, I got my copy of the new “I Might” 45 single from Wilco. Inside was a piece of paper with a URL and a code that let me download both songs from the single. After adding them to my iTunes, I uploaded “I Might” and played it for the room in which I was DJing. Everybody loved it. Literally – everyone in the room Awesomed it. And then we got on a big ole Wilco kick.

So, you’ve got this great way for people to get together and talk about and listen to music they choose. And it gets people talking about music. Listening to new music. Which is great for the artists involved. I hope it lives. It could be great for the music industry.