Lazy Cakes, Melatonin, and Drank

When I hear the name Lazy Cakes, melatonin is not the first thing that comes to mind. Instead, I think Amsterdam “space cakes.” And my mind wanders to other things from there. Which is probably purposeful. It’s the same general reason there are other products with melatonin in them with names like Marley’s Mellow Mood or Slowtivate. The producers are trying to evoke a certain picture in your mind, one you would associate with, well, getting stoned. But instead of achieving that laid back high feeling through smoking some pot, you’re doing it legally, with a relatively hefty dose of melatonin.

Then there’s another product called Drank, and for me, the association the producers are trying to make is obvious. If you listen to Southern hip hop, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Purple drank is popular in souther hip hop culture, and you hear references to it all the time. It’s basically Sprite with codeine cough syrup and perhaps a couple of Jolly Ranchers tossed in for flavor and coloring. Hello! Terribly inventive, if you ask me, but probably not the safest mind altering substance. The late Pimp C died from consuming too much.

So if you take a look at the Drank Web site, you will see that the brand is saturated in purple, and the tag line for it encourages you to “slow your roll”. I’m thinking that’s what some codeine infused Sprite will do, too – slow your roll a bit… has been published a few stories on this. Julianna Keeping does a good job of covering the details I’m glossing over here. Interesting stuff.

  1. Controversy about ‘Lazy Cakes’ relaxation brownies raises concerns over melatonin-laced food & drinks
  2.  Michigan health officials look for signs of increased melatonin consumption in drinks and food like Lazy Cakes
Drank photo courtesy of St. Murse.