Hash Bash Photo Slideshow – April 2, 2011

This was only my second Hash Bash in more than fifteen years. So I can’t claim to be an expert on what it used to be like, or was envisioned to be like, or even what made this one different, special, or weird.

I will say that it was fun walking around and checking people out. A very interesting crowd, much smaller than it used to be, apparently, thanks to a crackdown on it by the University.

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It was a cloudy, kind of drizzly day, which isn’t uncommon for Michigan this time of year. However, last year was brilliant, weather wise – sunny, warm. Very nice. Speaking of nice, I saw something I’d never seen before at Hash Bash, and I managed to get a photo of it. Notice the enormous joint in one of the pictures? The person who was holding it told me there was a thin layer of hashish in it, and pointed to it, where it was sticking out of the top end of the joint (you can’t really see it in the photo). An advance in weed consumption technology? I don’t know. Maybe so. Perhaps not. It was kind of stunning to see, though.

On more serious note, it was remarkable to see the burgeoning medical marijuana industry in Michigan making itself known at this year’s Hash Bash. It was there last year, too, but in 2011, it just seemed more pronounced. It will be interesting to see what next year’s is like. Hmmm….