Monthly Archives: April 2011

April 30

Mos Def, Pharoahe Monch and Nate Dogg – Oh No (music video)

“Oh no! Look who they let in the back door / From Long Beach to Brooklyn they know / We rock from the East to the West coast / Queens salute to Pharoahe / Step away from the mic, they too cold / The funk might fracture your nose!” R.I.P. Nate Dogg Advertisements

April 28

Neil Young – Albuquerque (Live in St. John’s, Newfoundland in 2009)

“Well they say that Santa Fe is less than 90 miles away / So I’ve got time to roll a number and rent a car.” One of Neil’s greatest. Getting pretty excited about seeing him in Detroit next week! Hope he plays this bad boy.

Franklin Graham Leaves His Dignity In The Dust

This guy is a piece of work. I think even his father would be embarrassed by his actions. But his whole career is based on nepotism, so maybe it’s not fair to expect he would comport himself with dignity. Even Shep Smith is pissed! Graham had the nuts to question President Obama’s citizenship and Christianity […]

Bill Maher kills it on Late Night with David Letterman: Conservative nutjobs, beware!

You MUST watch this clip. Maher just kills it. He kills it!

Good news! Curren$y is playing at The Eagle Theater in Pontiac on May 31, 2011

That’s pretty damn exciting for me. Curren$y is one of favorite MCs these days. The Eagle Theater is a little further out than I’d like to drive on a Tuesday night, but hey, it’s Curren$y! And I hear The Eagle is a nice intimate venue with a great bar on the second floor. What’s not […]

Mother Jones Explores The Medical Marijuana Market in California

This Mother Jones article – Weedmart: Marijuana Superstores. IPOs. Reality TV.– ┬áis fascinating. There were a whole bunch of things I wanted to highlight about it as I read it, but here was the first one: The NorCal farmers fear that legalization would enable their urban competitors to move out of garages and closets and […]

Happy Easter! Celebrate by watching Religulous

Was thinking about Easter and Jesus coming back as an anthropomorphic bunny, and couldn’t help coming back to Bill Maher’s Religulous. If you haven’t seen it, you should. Enjoy!