Lupe Fiasco – The Show Goes On (music video)

If you haven’t picked up Lupe Fiasco’s new record – Lasers – you should add it to your to do list. A lot of great tracks on Lasers, including this one – The Show Goes On. I usually find his verses pretty inspiring, like this one from The Show Goes on:

Yeah, yeah, the world is yours / I was once that little boy / Terrified of the world / Now I’m on a world tour / I will give up everything, even start a world war / For these ghettos girls and boys I’m rapping ‘round the world for!

Africa to New York / Haiti then I detour / Oakland out to Auckland / Gaza Strip to Detroit / Say hip-hop only destroy / tell em’ look at me, boy!

Great on paper, but even better in context – gives me chills almost every time…