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Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 11.34.03 PM April 16

Led Zeppelin – Ten Years Gone (Live in 1979)

With the 40th anniversary of Physical Graffiti‘s release in the air, I’ve been listening to the album a lot. This time around, “Ten Years Gone” has really grabbed me. This show at Knebworth was the last time Led Zeppelin played “Ten Years Gone”. Jimmy’s guitar has this awesome phase or flange going, and I love it. And […]

kravitz3 April 11

Lenny Kravitz – Whole Lotta Love (FULL performance from Kennedy Honors Tribute)

The absolute best moment in this video clip is when the President, his arm around the resplendent First Lady, lip syncs “I wanna whole lotta love”. His head bobs to the beat, and his fingers tap out the beat on the First Lady’s shoulder. It’s a moment. And a great performance. On the Kennedy Honors […]

heart December 25

Heart – Stairway To Heaven (Live at Kennedy Center in 2012)

If you’re going to cover “Stairway to Heaven” with fewer than 50 musicians, you’re wasting everybody’s time. That’s part of what makes this cover by Heart, Jason Bonham and a host of others so fun. They start out small, but by the end of the song, there must be 100 or so people on the […]

mule October 22

Gov’t Mule – Since I’ve Been Loving You (Live in 2013)

I know what you’re thinking. “That’s odd. He usually doesn’t post two Gov’t Mule videos in the same week.” Well, we’re breaking all the rules this week. Why? I’m going to see The Mule on Halloween – Mule-O-Ween – in Cincinnati. With special guest Jackie Greene, The Mule is doing an evening of Neil Young […]

Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin in The Song Remains The Same November 29

Led Zeppelin – The Rain Song (video from The Song Remains The Same)

Led Zeppelin. This time, Plant has a sword. Watch out!

566px-Alabama_Shakes_01 March 30

Alabama Shakes – How Many More Times (audio)

I saw these guys get some press around SXSW this year. I hadn’t heard them until I came across this track on the Rolling Stone Web site. It’s a pretty solid cover of a Led Zeppelin classic. The band is from Athens, Alabama. Looks like they’re opening up for Jack White on a few dates […]

neilzep October 05

Led Zeppelin with Neil Young – When The Levee Breaks (video)

Man, Neil just rocks the shit out of this one with Page, Plant and Jones. This was at the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame in 1995 – when Neil Young and Led Zeppelin were inducted. Page graciously cedes the stage to Neil for all the soloing, and he owns it. Neil is possessed by […]


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