Bruce Springsteen – Darkness On The Edge Of Town (Live in 1978)

“I just want to let you know that we’re all with you, and, ah, at one time or another, everybody’s got to drive through the darkness at the edge of town.”

- Bruce Springsteen

I watched 4 or 5 different live versions of Bruce and the E Street band playing this song. Bruce has the most commitment to the song, and an unreal amount of energy, in this version. Even though the video quality could be better, it’s the best version of “Darkness On The Edge Of Town” currently on the ‘Tubes. Check it out.

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Bob Weir & Jerry Garcia – When I Paint My Masterpiece (Live on Letterman in 1987)

Here’s another great early Letterman clip. It’s 1987. In The Dark had just gone platinum. And Jerry and Bobby play “When I Paint My Masterpiece” with Paul Schaffer and the band. You also get the interview with Dave after the song. Jerry and Bobby are a riot. The three of them riff off each other well. An entirely enjoyable experience.

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The Beastie Boys – Live At PJ’s (Live on Letterman in 1992)

This is an amazing clip. It’s the first time the Beastie Boys were on Letterman, and this guy – Porkys82 – sliced up the show and pulled all the Beastie Boys bits Letterman did before they played “Live At PJs” into this one clip you see here. They all center around this theme: Dave doesn’t want any trouble from these guys. No trouble! It was the beginning of a long series of great appearances by the Beastie Boys on Letterman, right up to the end. RIP MCA.

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Phish – Terrapin Station (live in 1998)

We sent in for all three days. Haven’t been pink slipped yet, but many of my friends have. I’m optimistic.

In the meantime, here’s Phish covering the Grateful Dead. It’s just the audio, but still…

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Bruce Springsteen – It’s Hard To Be A Saint In The City (Live in 1975)

Bruce and the E Street Band rock “It’s Hard To Be A Saint In The City” like it’s never been rocked in this 1975 video clip. Bruce does some great guitar work here. You don’t often get to see that. The bit towards the end where he and Steve Van Zandt have a rock and roll guitar face off is not to be missed.

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Sly & The Family Stone – Stand! (Live in 1974)

“There’s a midget standing tall / And a giant beside him about to fall”

I believe Sly meant to say “little person.” In any event, the sentiment is positive. And this is a funky version of “Stand!”. Worth a viewing.

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Bob Marley & The Wailers – Slave Driver (Live in the studio in 1973)

Today is Bob Marley’s birthday. He would be 70 today if he was still with us. In his brief 33 years on this planet, he changed the face of music. There are few artists that can claim the level of influence that Marley has had on music and culture worldwide. A handful, maybe.

“Slave Driver” has always been one of my favorite Marley tunes. First, it’s got that great reggae bass line from Aston “Family Man” Barrett. Then you’ve got some very in-your-face angry-about-slavery lyrics that force the listener to confront the topic. All entwined in a funky reggae beat.

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