Frank Zappa – City Of Tiny Lites (Live in 1977)

So this version of “City of Tiny Lites” comes from a 1977 Halloween show that KROQ recorded. There’s an interesting back story. Zappa had a four album set called Läther (pronounced like “leather”) ready to go that his record label had stopped him from releasing. Because, well, it was four albums. Zappa didn’t like that, so he arranged to have his Palladium show broadcast by KROQ, performed most of the songs from Läther, and encouraged people at home to record it.

“City Of Tiny Lites” wasn’t on Läther, but it made it into the setlist anyway. This time around, Adrian Belew handles the vocals.

RIP Frank Zappa.


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Run The Jewels – Oh My Darling (Don’t Cry) (music video)

This is the second video El-P and Killer Mike have put together to support their new album, Run The Jewels 2. If you’re any sort of hip hop fan, you must pick up a copy of this album. It’s one of the best – if not the best – hip hop record this year. The beat and the verses in “Oh My Darling (Don’t Cry)” are a testament to that fact. The video is another low budget masterpiece, with most of the focus on El-P and Killer Mike rapping. There are stripper-ish moments in the video, so you might think twice about watching it at work or in front of the kids.

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Rolling Stones – Miss You (Live in 1994)

I was sad to learn today that Bobby Keys has died. Keys was the legendary Rolling Stones saxophone player. He was in the French mansion when they recorded Exile on Main St., and did a whole lot of touring with the Stones over the next 30 or 40 years. He was a loud, boisterous Texan, and brought his big personality into the middle of their English tea party, becoming good friends with Keith Richards and others in the band’s circle in the process.

Keys has a nice saxophone solo in this extended version of “Miss You.”

RIP Bobby Keys!

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Frank Zappa – More Trouble Every Day (Live in 1974)

Zappa wrote this after spending some time watching coverage of the Watts riots in 1965. 49 years later, it’s still too relevant. Way too relevant.

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Frank Zappa – Inca Roads (Live in 1974)

Some serious claymation action in this one. And some sweet, satisfying solos from the man himself. All available to own on DVD.

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Peter Gabriel – Games Without Frontiers (music video)

“Games Without Frontiers” was released in 1980 on Peter Gabriel’s self titled solo record. It was the first top ten hit in the UK for Gabriel. The video is fantastic – classic early days of music videos. You’ve got Gabriel looking creepy and disturbed throughout the video, clips from a “what to do in case of a nuclear attack” film strip, plus a 3 faced doll’s head spinning above Gabriel’s head at one point in the video. This is must see TV.

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Neil Young – Pocahontas (Live at Farm Aid in 2014)

We’re going to keep the Neil Young birthday celebration going another day here. Tonight, it’s something for the real Neil freaks. In September, Neil did an acoustic set at Farm Aid. It included this rare rendition of “Pocahontas”, one of Neil’s great Rust era songs. Every Neil freak knows this song. But there aren’t many clips of Neil playing this song, at least that I could find. Lucky for us, this is a great one.

The video and audio are, again, high quality. And Neil is angry! He does a two minute political rap at the beginning, and when he goes into “Pocahontas”, some of that anger comes through in the performance. Watch the rap before the song – it adds something. But should you desire to skip it, jump about 2 minutes in to go straight to “Pocahontas”.

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