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squeeze April 05

Squeeze – Black Coffee In Bed (music video)

Today feels like a day that’s going to be all about songs about coffee. Here’s one. Squeeze doing “Black Coffee In Bed”, one of their greatest tracks. This is the old school music video you remember from when you were a kid. The song is from their 1982 record Sweets From A Stranger.

green April 02

Al Green – How Can You Mend A Broken Heart? (Live on Soul! in 1972)

Al Green covers a Bee Gees song. Released on his 1972 record Let’s Stay Together, this version is live on the TV show Soul! As usual, powerful stuff from the reverend.

wizard March 29

Parliament – Wizard Of Finance (audio)

Parliament has all the best love songs. They cornered that market long ago, and no one has topped them since. “Wizard Of Finance” is a perfect example. It’s funky as all get out – Bootsy with the space bass – with lyrics full of the fun and ludicrous metaphors George Clinton and company were known […]

neilandrem March 28

Neil Young with R.E.M. – Ambulance Blues (Live at the Bridge Benefit in 1998)

At the Bridge Benefit, everything is acoustic. At least, mostly acoustic. Here’s an outstanding version of “Ambulance Blues” – from the great On The Beach record – with R.E.M. as the backing band from the 1998 benefit. At least the guitarist and the bassist, since the drummer had left by this point, and Michael Stipe […]

brown March 27

James Brown – Gonna Have A Funky Good Time (Live in Zaire in 1974)

Here’s James Brown and band doing “Gonna Have A Funky Good Time” in Zaire as part of the Ali-Foreman fight spectacular. It’s outstanding. Brown looks awesome in his GFOS (GodFather Of Soul) one piece and styling mustache. The band is tight. And the clip is interspersed with other scenes from the fight spectacular, courtesy of […]

lebowski March 26

Bob Dylan – The Man In Me (The Big Lebowski version)

The first time I heard “The Man In Me” was when I went to see The Big Lewboski in the theater. Which is a bit odd, because I’m an enormous Dylan freak. But the reality is, at that time, I didn’t have New Morning, which is the album it was released on. So how was […]

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 4.27.55 PM March 24

Steely Dan – Black Cow Demos 1 and 2 (audio)

“Black Cow” is the first track off Steely Dan’s Aja, one of the greatest albums ever made. But it started out as an idea back when the band was recording Katy Lied. Donald Fagen recorded a couple of demo versions during those sessions. It’s mostly just him on piano with the vocals. I think there’s someone […]


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