Gratefulfest 12: A sneak peak at the line up

Gratefulfest is a three day music festival over the July 4th weekend that – you guessed it – celebrates everything Grateful Dead. Dark Star Orchestra – the biggest Grateful Dead cover band ever – is headlining with a show each night of the festival.

Gratefulfest happens at Nelson Ledges Quarry Park in Ohio. Supposedly it’s absolutely gorgeous and a great place to see live music. I haven’t been before, but am planning on going this year to Gratefulfest 12. I will be taking pictures and writing up the festival, so look for that here around the time of the festival. Should be brilliant!

Here are a few other bands that, according to the NLQP Web site, will be playing at Gratefulfest 12:

More listed at the NLQP Web site. In addition to great live music, there will be “fireworks, clowns, skydivers, fire performers, swim, cliff dive, grateful vendors, family, friends!” Who could ask for anything more? Maybe we’ll see you there…

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2 Responses to Gratefulfest 12: A sneak peak at the line up

  1. chuck hoffman says:

    u will love it. best festival on the planet!!!

  2. Mike Vasquez says:

    Thanks, Chuck! You going to be there this year? I’m really excited about it. Read the other day that they’ve added Cornmeal to the line up. Those guys are great.

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